Personal online banking inquiry - let you go beyond the mana

Personal online banking inquiry seems to be a dispensable thing for many people, but it has been proved that personal online banking inquiry allows us to manage our online account funds more effectively, which is a good helper for our money and financial management. .


Case 1: Michael was more annoyed recently, and he missed a business because of the transfer problem. It has been more than a year since McGonagall went out and opened a boutique. The goods are connected online and sold on the Internet. However, the online store business is not salty or not, in addition to the reasons for business practices, it may also be related to the usual money management of Michael. Michael is a big boy with a lot of personality. When a customer wants goods, he sometimes rushes to transfer money online. Sometimes he delays the time because the funds in the online bank account are unclear, causing the customer to be impatient and miss the business opportunity.

User Tips: Opening an online store is simple to say, but it takes a lot of effort to actually do it. Doing a good job in online banking fund management is also one of the most important tasks. Store owners should frequently conduct personal online banking inquiries to understand the inflow and outflow of funds, and to avoid confusion between funds used for transactions and funds for other purposes.

Case 2: Baili’s family price fell slightly and quickly bought a two-bedroom small-sized house, which required about 3,000 yuan a month. Nowadays, the cost of living is high. Sometimes I don’t know where the money is going. Under the premise of not affecting the quality of life, I have to make up 3,000 pieces a month. This is still quite stressful for Baili, a common working family. In order to reasonably allocate the money on hand, including wages, bonuses, extra money, wealth management, etc., Baili thought of the method of putting several accounts together for management, but where did it go? Baili wants to find the answer.

User Tips: Put it on the online bank, now launched a account service platform, you can manage multiple bank accounts at the same time, just enter a password for one account and you can log in to one account at one time. Convenient for personal online banking inquiry. In addition, the account platform also provides other services, such as transfer remittance, investment and wealth management, SMS reminder, payment of fees, etc., can be said to be a comprehensive financial management tool.

Case 3: The wife always said that Li Jun was a little man, but Li Jun himself did not agree, saying that it is an advantage, and living is like this. This is not, in order to promote their own advantages <;Professor", Li Jun can buy things online, try to buy online, books, computer accessories, clothes, shoes, hats, and even lottery tickets, all online, to be honest, buy online Things are really a lot of money, and going out to go shopping is also a fee. If you are tired of thirst, you still have to buy something to eat. If you don’t know the money, you will slip out of your pocket. But there is a problem, Li Jun and his wife's account are separate, which is not conducive to management, whoever used the money is not known to the other party, easily lead to misunderstanding, Li Jun decided to put their bank card account and other such as funds, stocks And the insurance accounts are all together, what should I do?

User Tips: You can put the above mentioned accounts into the online bank, so it is much more convenient to manage. You can check the account status at any time to check the account funds.