Three basic principles of investment and financial managemen

> The three basic principles of investment and financial management

As long as there are plans and patience, through the effectiveness of compound interest, long-term investment, systematic investment, long-term, investment income will be extremely rich. Take Buffett as an example. He is the godfather of mutual funds. His investment can be a big win. It is not that he is more likely to invest than you, but just more ups and downs than you. Fu, even if he suffered from the instability of the field, he insisted on the investment purpose he had chosen, and finally won the reputation of long win. Therefore, for a working group with a small number of assets and a lack of professionalism, one thing to keep in mind when investing is that the most important thing in investing in financial management is to grasp the time, not the timing.

There is no profit for investment, only reasonable compensation

Although it is a dream of many people to get rich overnight, it is absolutely impossible to meet, and only lottery tickets and gambling money may have the opportunity to encounter such a million. It is the burning of high incense in the last generation, that is to say, this kind of overnight riches must be obtained with super good luck. However, everyone who knows family financial management knows that such sudden wealth is not applicable to financial investment at all.

For Buffett and Peter Lynch, who are famous in the financial field, they want to learn financial management. The average annual return rate of their investment is about 23% and 35%. Maybe it is much higher than the average profit, but it is not the level of profiteering. It’s just a long time, and the accumulated property is quite impressive and enviable. Generally speaking, the periodicity of the securities market is very obvious. The ups and downs are commonplace. The investment friends should bear in mind that they are not happy with things, not for their own sorrow. Although investment and financial management are not profitable, they are full of reasonable profits. If you are able to use your wisdom and invest in a stable return, you will be able to become a master of investment and financial management. Instead of timing

small money investment, fish and bear's paw can both have

Some people think that financial management is a patent of rich people, they are only the ones who receive the salary, what is good for money? Perhaps worrying that once it enters the financial field, it will affect the original quality of life, so it has not taken the first step. However, one of the old sayings of the people is that there is a deep feeling.

Some financial experts suggest that you use a 1:10 ratio to manage your finances, that is, you can take out the financial management of one of the monthly salary. This is a very good financial management method. It is easy to eat two exquisite foods or buy two new clothes. Looking at the current financial tools, these small money can invest in fixed-term open-end funds, and more conservative investors can also participate in the bank's deposit and lending activities, so that it does not affect the ordinary life, but also allows you to have The potential to improve the quality of life in the future. Take the annual festival or birthday gift as an example. If you decide to buy a small gift of one or two thousand, it may not be an extra burden to pay for the money earned by the investment fund over the past few months. In summary, there is definitely a chance for small money to accumulate into big money, but it depends on whether you have the right ideas and wishes for financial management.