Graduate financial management investment in five steps to he

Complete the five steps of the financial investment, help you open the door to the property

June will come, seeing the annual college graduate season will begin, a lot of college students will begin to formally go to the workplace. The start of a newcomer is also the beginning of economic self-reliance. For newcomers who are just working, the financial planner pointed out that this stage is also a period of starting to cultivate good habits of financial management. If you develop good financial habits, this will be very helpful for the future. How should we cultivate these habits? Generally, it can be divided into a five-step strategy:

If you want to have money, you must have a rich source of water. After the newcomers enter the workplace, the living water is your salary. Therefore, the newcomers need to work harder and strive to improve themselves. more money. This is open source.

Part II: Understanding throttling

In addition, newcomers also demand throttling. With the first and second salary, you need to plan your spending. Generally speaking, by making budgets and keeping accounts, you can help you understand where your money is going, and identify which ones should be spent and which ones should not. And a good budget will help you to restrain yourself in your heart, and don't spend a lot of money. This is throttling.

The third step: learn to save money

open source and throttling is not enough, you have to find a way to save some money. The reason why property can be added is that it can “make money with money”, so you need to have a surplus, save money, and use it for investment. Of course, borrowing money can also invest, but just starting to borrow money is not a good way to cultivate good habits. It is easy to borrow money from bank wealth management knowledge, and the process of self-storing may be more difficult to understand the incompatibility of property, so as to prevent random spending in the future.

Step 4: Start the drip of financial management

For a monthly salary of 4, 5 thousand, there will be tens of thousands of funds in one year. In this part, some wealth management such as Yu'ebao can be held in the early stage, and there may be more than one income in 10,000 days. The remaining part can be added by the method of investment funds, and can be invested once a month, which can be set up as a bank automatic transfer form. Funds are scheduled to vote, and partial stock funds are still likely to get high returns, but investment is not guaranteed, demand attention.

Step 5: Start to upgrade your investment

During this period, probably you have some money on hand, gradually increase, and also got the year-end award or something. At this time, it is possible to hold some stock investments or continue the previous fund fixed investment (increasing the share). In addition, some fixed-income investments and bank wealth management are held. The former two styles are just the opposite of the latter. Stocks and stock fund investments are suitable for radical investors with high risk appetite. Fixed-income wealth management and bank wealth management are more suitable for stable investors. The former two incomes are not fixed and the investment risk is high. Bank wealth management products, investment of 50,000, yields of 4.5%-5.5%, the income is relatively positive. . These investors can choose the type of investment based on their own situation.

Overall, Jiafeng Ruide financial planner believes that family investment and financial management knowledge to develop good financial management habits is the door to live, but also the door to technical life, but also requires a certain amount of perseverance and perseverance. If you have good financial management habits and investment since the youth, and continue to learn investment and financial management, trust the property will gradually open to you.