Internet Finance Age: The Impact of Yu'ebao on Commercial Ba

Analysis of the status quo of commercial banks in the era of Internet banking In the current and in-depth development of economic technology, the use of the Internet has become more and more wide. "The use of the Internet in financial management has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The service of the commercial bank is gradually moving closer to this aspect. The network financing of commercial banks has gradually gained attention, showing a slow climbing trend on the previous basis. However, with the launch of Yu'ebao, it has greatly affected the development of commercial banks in the online financial industry and the sales of original funds. Wait.

And the balance treasure of the Internet financial era has a very strong online customer service, which is unmatched by commercial banks. At the same time, the convenience of Yu'ebao and the huge network as a payment platform are the extent that commercial banks have not been able to achieve so far. This restricts the development of commercial banks.

From the perspective of revenue, the profit rate of commercial banks is far lower than that of Yu'ebao. "So, the impact of Yu'ebao on commercial banks in the Internet era is very significant." The Internet has penetrated into the era of people's lives, and Yu'ebao has gradually been accepted by consumers. The innovation of Yubao has played a vital role, mainly including the following three aspects:

First, under the Internet financial era Yu'ebao's cross-border innovation in the fund industry "gets rid of many of the constraints of the past, facilitates the people and realizes the innovation of direct sales on the Internet platform".

Second, in the era of Internet financial management Yu'ebao innovates on the customer's personal experience and product service. "According to the customer's relevant information, it can effectively analyze the customer's financial risk appetite, and tailor a financial plan for the customer to customize the product for the customer in need. Timely reflection of information.

Third, the Internet Yu'ebao in the era of financial management is surprisingly innovative in the use of technology. "Yuebao is using a lot of data on the Internet to make use of cloud computing and other information technologies to establish a more accurate prediction of the science of liquidity, and then realize the risk reduction. The minimum and the customer's funds in the balance treasure are more fully protected" $ Internet Banking Era balance Bao's impact on commercial banks!