Misunderstandings that women's financial management is easy

Misunderstanding of women's financial management, I do not know my financial situation, blind investment. For most girls, if they involve numbers and calculations, they will generally ignore them. The same is true when investing. I have not carefully evaluated my property status and blindly invested, resulting in serious unreasonable allocation of family assets and even affecting the normal life of the family.

Misunderstanding of women's financial management, I believe that financial management must be earned only. This is a misunderstanding that many women often have when investing in financial management. The idea that investment is to make money often ignores the risks inherent in the investment itself. In fact, financial management does include investment to make money, but for the average investor, the most fundamental purpose of our financial management is not to make money, but to protect our property.

Misunderstanding of women's financial management, I believe that buying gold jewelry is the most favorable investment. Gold jewelry is essentially different from gold. Gold jewelry is actually a commodity. It is not a wise choice to invest in gold jewelry. The higher premiums caused by processing costs and the inconvenience caused by repurchase are not good. Investors who purchase such physical gold cannot fully enjoy the benefits of rising gold prices.

Female financial misunderstanding four, financial dependence is greater. At the time of financial management, women tend to give responsibility for the custody of important items to others. Because they lack the knowledge of financial investment, they do not know how to choose, so they rely too much on others, or they are blind and investing blindly. The result is often the end of failure.