There are a lot of risks in the three kinds of bank financin

Bank financing is not like the money fund, the risk can be as low as negligible, bank financing is also risky, the following three kinds of financial management is best not to touch.

The first one: protect the interest rate, but the income is too low.

Compared with the savings deposit, it is a high-yield to sacrifice liquidity, but the profit of the fixed-income wealth management products issued by some banks is Similar to regular savings, this has lost the meaning of buying wealthy products to earn high returns. In fact, whether the bank products are guaranteed to protect the interest and interest, in addition to seeing whether the agreement indicates the protection of the interest rate, but also depends on the investment direction and expected rate of return, if the investment channel is a high-grade bond, the State Grid, the Ministry of Railways and other secure channels, and the rate of return Below 5%, such a product can actually guarantee the principal and income. Therefore, under the same circumstances, if the annual income of the two-year wealth management products is 3.7% and the investment income is the annual income of the non-principal floating income products of the Ministry of Railways is 4.8%, then it is necessary to abandon the former. By.

The second type:

, which guarantees the principal, but the income is too high. Some bank wealth management products are guaranteed floating income type. It is expected that the maximum annual income can reach 20%, then the yield of this product may be 0-20%. In the case of propaganda, individual banks only put 20% of the highest income on advertising, but the lowest income was not stated. This makes it easy for customers to think that the annual revenue of this product is 20%, while ignoring the zero-return clause. Judging from the current historical operation of such products, the probability of achieving a 20% yield is almost zero, and the probability of achieving zero returns is large. If your hard money has been put in the bank for a year, you can’t get a profit, and it’s not a basket of water.

The third type:

with higher returns, but the deadline is too short. "We are selling 20-day short-term wealth management products with an annual income of 5%." Many people think that it is only 4.8% for half a year, or 20 days for buying. Cost-effective! So everyone has snapped up short-term high-yield wealth management products. In fact, if the funds are actually used after 20 days, then buying such short-term financial management will be slightly more cost-effective, but if the funds are not clearly used in the short-term, then after 20 days, the funds will be returned to the current account, generally After waiting for about 10 days, the next short-term wealth management product will be selected. Even if the short-term financial management income has maintained a high level of 5%, in the past few months, the actual income you get is only about 3.4%, and you can buy it for a little longer. Financial products will be higher than this!