What kind of commercial medical insurance does a child buy?

Mr. Zhang is at work, Xiao BB is also in, because the small BB is often hospitalized, so I want to buy him a commercial medical insurance, only to be able to reimburse the hospital for hospitality, would like to ask everyone to choose that company better? That kind of insurance? Reimbursement ratio?

Commercial medical reimbursement is divided into two types, one is fixed reimbursement, and the other is proportional reimbursement.

For children's activeness, accidents, medical insurance, and then consider the combination of pension insurance, children's education, dividends and other investment products.

Buying insurance first adults and children, adults are the best guarantee for children. If there is no guarantee for the adults, and the child has more insurance, it does not make any sense. After all, the adults are paying the relevant fees for the children.

First of all, the order of insurance purchase is: must first protect the type of products, including 1, consumption (accident insurance, term life insurance, etc.); 2, accumulation type (life insurance, hybrid insurance, etc.). Then there is medical insurance (general medical care, major medical insurance, etc.), pension insurance, education for children, investment in dividend-paying products, and so on.

At the same time, the order of purchase of the family is: 1, the economic pillar; 2, your people; 3, uneconomic family members, such as children, the elderly.

Secondly, the principle of purchasing insurance is based on social security, plus appropriate commercial insurance as a supplement.

For example, first buy social insurance (suggested to have a unit to buy), such as medical insurance or city account City residents medical insurance, then consider commercial insurance as a supplement.

Third, the insurance follows the “high loss priority principle”, that is, the frequency of a certain risk accident is not high, but the loss is serious, and the insurance is given priority.

The expenses for insurance expenses are generally about 10--20% of the year, preferably not more than 20%, that is, 10% of the funds are used to protect 100% of their assets.

Here, I know that in this industry, there are three sentences that say "brand in life" "the talent" "product"

Finally, the principle of insurance should be noted:

(1) buy insurance first to buy medical health Health can guarantee that customers have everything.

(2) Buying insurance is a light-spoken contract. Life insurance is generally a medium- and long-term contract. If you buy it, you can become a lifelong person. Otherwise, it will have a great impact.

(3) Insurance products need to have the function of maintaining and increasing value. The current living standard is increasing and the inflation must be suppressed.

(4) To buy insurance, you must first protect the head of the family. If the main wealth creators of the family have no guarantee, then the premium? living expenses? There is no guarantee for family expenses.