The road to single wealth management begins with the accumul

Single-person financial management road From the accumulation of property, the current society is super-balanced between men and women, and there are many groups of unmarried people and homosexuals. More and more single dogs have appeared. Want to get rid of single dogs, no face value, no money, no background, what should I do? The value of the face and the background are all given by God, it is still trying to make money. When it comes to making money, you have to learn to manage your finances. How do singles manage their finances? Investment takes you to the path of getting rich and getting rid of the name of a single family.

How do single people manage their finances? Reduce expenses. Forced savings

First of all, to reduce the need for spending in life. You can adopt a month-to-month declining method to save frugality, for example, to reduce 100 extra expenses in the first month, 200 in the second month, and 300 in the third month, 100,862,100,861. Second, prepare the following four kinds of reserves: for the expectation of life In the unlikely event that two to three times the monthly household expenses should be saved as a normal reserve fund, the reserve can exist in the form of cash, demand deposits or money funds. Then prepare for the play funds, this part of the reserve can be saved three or five hundred each time, according to their actual level and purpose to make a reasonable deposit, you can also open an account or perhaps put the money into the cargo base. In addition, unexpected expenses are also necessary in case of constant demand. At the same time, the Chinese people’s spending on the New Year’s expenses to marry their relatives and friends also requires early storage.

How do single people manage their finances? Insurance current investment base

Insurance is the cornerstone to ensure personal financial stability. In addition to paying social security, you can also purchase corresponding commercial insurance, skin injury insurance and critical illness insurance. The total monthly premium can be controlled at a total of 10%. Personal financial planning template for young people who have not stabilized, because there is not much family burden during this period, the spirit is strong, but also to accumulate funds for future families. In summary, first of all, need to accumulate their first bucket of gold. On this basis, you can insure life insurance, accidents and medical insurance for yourself, so as to reduce the risk of accidental reduction or burden.

In terms of investment, personal finance for a single person who lacks professional knowledge and investment experience, can be more equipped with some medium-risk investment categories, such as partial debt hybrid funds, capital preservation floating income bank wealth management products. Less allocation of partial stock funds.

Experts pointed out that there are many young people spending items in the workplace, and there is no original accumulation of capital. In summary, it is proposed that such people should focus on monetary fund investment, supplemented by fund investment. Monetary funds are extremely good cash management tools, especially now that many monetary funds have enlightened T+0 redemption functions, which are more flexible than demand deposits. Statistics show that the average annual return rate of the money fund for the whole seven-day is about 4%, while the current interest rate is only 0.35%. In terms of fixed investment, it is best to do what you can, and the monthly investment will not exceed 30% of the monthly surplus.

How do single people manage their finances? Property accumulation Focus on bank wealth management

After the funds reach a certain scale, you can try bank wealth management products. According to the data at the end of June, the recent short-term wealth management products of banks have generally yielded more than 6%, which is in sharp contrast with the decline trend of Internet treasure products, and has attracted the attention of many investors. .

Experts remind investors that when buying wealth management products, they must understand the contract items and understand and buy them. Even if they don't understand them, they must seek the help of professionals. Investors must understand the investment of wealth management products before purchasing, and must pay more attention to the three unreasonable products without detailed investment, no clear offer, and no risk warning. The expected rate of return does not necessarily equal the final rate of return. For example, in the collection period and the accounting period of wealth management products, the wealth management funds can only get the current income. Therefore, the actual rate of return of the wealth management products is to deduct the rate of return during these two periods, so the actual rate of return is often low. As expected.