Family Finance: Living like a sunflower

[Real Case] ​​

A little white in 2014 financial management:


who graduated less than one year ago, his work experience before graduation is zero, and he has a thorough work at the end of a small white

life, before the family spoiled It is Xiaobai to home

to work for nine months, his savings have a 4.5W or so

plus boyfriend, amount, okay, now is her husband's 5W+ and their home to give 5W

total savings is 15W

the most important The task is:

The ability to improve work

After the appropriate understanding of financial management, increase savings

If you do not buy a house and do wedding this year, the conservative goal is to fill 21W

at the end of the current husband's tax after 6200+, my 6100-, A total of 12300

balance Bao and Baidu wallet daily income of 20, a total of 600 or so

1008 61 Monthly total 1.3W


Rent 900+,

Other unstated statistics, total 4000 or so

Monthly 9000, 6 months 5.4W, can be saved to 20.4W

Weekly monthly section 500 expenses, can be saved To 20.7W

Two-person housing subsidy for a total of 4800 for half a year, total deposit 21W+

11 holiday preparations to hold a wedding, wedding expenses have been spent

Wedding rental fees and video total 3000 or so

Gifts and expenses should be able to offset

So this financial plan Not much impact

Prepare for the second year of wedding honeymoon travel

Hope to go to Thailand, but her husband's interest is not great

This part is pending

The biggest factor affecting financial management is to buy a house

If you plan to loosen the house price in the second half, buy a two-room small House

Total price 90W Left and right, down payment 27W

borrowing 10W or so, temporarily called B plan

According to the Dan plan 20.7W A plan, the debt is 6W

The mortgage fund can be used for two people, and there is a surplus of

Hope that everything is better than the plan

[Annual Review] Finally chose to buy a house B plan

before setting the total price of the house 90W, the recent downturn, before the optimistic 1W / flat real estate just two buildings, the price of each flat is lower, a total of 81W get, lower than the budget. (The two buildings were quickly robbed. Later, this building added another building, and it was 1W+ again. Fortunately, I shot it in time.)

Down payment 35.5W, 8.5W more than the previous setting, parental subsidy 7W, I posted more than 1.5W

before setting a 20-year CPF loan, which can now be shortened to 11 years

The current debt is 5W, which is 1W

less than the target debt. Both people have increased their wages a little, and the total tax has risen by 1500. At present, after tax +1350

, according to the raised social security base, if you pay five insurances and one gold, you will get to +1000

. This plan starts from June in the opening of the post. It seems that everything is better than the original plan. ^_^

15 years In addition to financial, the plan should include more content, such as fitness, nutrition and learning ^_^

2015 plan adjustment:

Two years of graduation, has become a pseudo engineer

The big thing seems to be concentrated in the two years

Engaged, married, bought a house, just yesterday I knew that I had a baby

to buy a car next month, take me and my baby to check

Life is gradually not so white, although most of the time is my husband cooking

bowl is still I brushed up for two or three days, well, I admit that I am lazy

. I have been buying a house for ten months. The main tasks are:

Continue to improve the ability of work

Continue to understand financial management, increase savings

The most important task, be fully prepared, be a good mother

It seems that financial management has become less important, there is no rhetoric

There are still 4 months from the Dan, the two people pay 3W on the line

Until now, this year The income has 6K+. This year, there is always a goal to manage financial income to 8K

. The current requirement is to make a good record of the income. Check the next year's harvest by the end of the year. Haha

The current two people's salary is 1.35W

. Each person 700, three months or six months together with

monthly income is not fixed, about 600

total about 1.55W


Rent: the current rent 1400, next month will change a 2000

Nutrition: +0.5K

Inspection fee: +0.5K

Car: +0.5K

Expected to be around 6K 1008 62

Buy a car in October, ready to buy a Buick Hideo, about 12-13W

If there is a year-interest-free activity, prepare a loan, try to move less cash

Hope everything is better than the planned

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