How to configure financial products

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. This is a warning that people often hear when investing in financial management. Especially in the recent financial management, the issuance of traditional wealth management products, third-party financial institutions are not to be outdone, and the rapid occupation of Internet finance. In the face of such a lively wealth management product, how do we manage money? Financial experts suggest that investors may wish to try “mix and match” financial management, put eggs into different baskets, diversify investment and reduce risks.

The simplest: bank savings + short-term wealth management products

As a traditional way of managing money, the advantage of bank savings lies in helping people develop good habits of saving. In addition, investors can also purchase short-term wealth management products with short cycle times, high returns and high stability. The combination of bank savings and short-term wealth management products can help you get higher returns in the short term.

The most classic: monetary fund + fixed income products

money fund + fixed income products, this is the most classic combination of capital preservation and venture capital, investors can obtain long-term stable income. The financial planner said that this kind of financial management can abide by the "two-eighth principle", 20% of the funds to buy fixed-income wealth management products such as money, and 80% of funds for the purchase of money funds.

Most: Fixed income class + money fund + stock

For type investors, the financial management method focuses on risk-free or low-risk products, and can choose 60% fixed income products + 20% money fund + 20% stock portfolio. Fixed-income wealth management products have stable income and are very suitable for investment. If there is money and wealth management, the annualized income is fixed at 7% and 9%. After purchase, it will not be lost due to the reasons of the field, and 100% guaranteed and guaranteed interest, safe and secure.

The most radical: stock + fixed income + money fund

For aggressive investors, high-yield and high-risk wealth management products, it is recommended to allocate 50% stocks and other +30% fixed income products + 20% money funds to Achieve maximum value-added in the shortest possible time.