Cleverly buy insurance for the baby, choose a big illness

With the advent of the inflation era, more and more people are beginning to notice the importance of financial management. Many first-time parents, in the first step of financial planning, how to manage their children's money, can get a guarantee, but also get a return.

A child is a money-raising character in a family. Nowadays, the milk powder of a child is not a small amount. In particular, the medical expenses and education expenses of the children in the process of growing up have become the two biggest expenses of the modern family. As a parent, I always hope to create a good environment for my children to grow up. A good growth environment is inseparable from the support of economic strength. Therefore, we must do a good job of financial management to ensure that children will have money in the future.

The baby is born, many parents are prepared to buy insurance for their children, or to keep health, or to reserve for future education funds. At present, many insurance companies have launched special infant insurance, which shows that parents are dazzled and do not know how to choose. Many parents can buy what they buy for their children, and the result is not to protect children. Expenditure is too large, and it has to pay for many years, leading to a family economic tension. To this end, the reporter has visited the relevant insurance experts, so that you can easily choose the insurance that suits your child according to your actual situation.

Insured order: first adult children, parents should buy the adult first, and then buy the child. Because the adult is the economic pillar of a family, it is the best umbrella for the child. If you only buy it for the child, the adult does not buy it yourself. If the adult has an accident, the family is likely to be in trouble.

30 Mr. Li, family 10,000, the son just born, the couple hope to give the child a long-term care and protection through insurance financing. Mr. Qi Chunhong, deputy manager of the life insurance division of the branch, suggested that Mr. Li buy a dividend-paying type of life-saving life insurance for his son, which would provide a guarantee for the child and a benefit for the adult. Mr. Li insured the “guarantee plan” of the life branch, and chose to pay the fee for ten years, paying an annual premium of 24,880 and a basic insurance amount of 100,000. From the effective date of the contract, Mr. Li will receive a 8,000 insurance premium three years later.

The manager told the reporter that the insured person of this insurance can receive the customs clearance regularly: the insured person receives the survival insurance premium at 8% of the basic insured amount every three years, which can be supplemented as the education expenses of the children, or as the daily routine of the family. Cost of living. A high reserve pension: the insurance is deposited to the corresponding date of the year of the 80th anniversary, and the full-time insurance premium can be paid three times the basic insurance amount, either as a pension or as a descendant of Fuze.

Medicare + critical illness insurance is the baby's first choice. After ensuring that both parents' security is complete, they can start to consider the child's insurance protection. Of course, in the protection of newborns and children, the ideas and the protection ideas for both parents are different. Zhang Yurong, manager of the insurance department of the health insurance branch, said: Social security is the foundation. You must first provide social security for your baby. The state has subsidies, enjoys state welfare, and then considers commercial insurance to improve security.

Zhang Yurong said: "For newborns and children, life insurance and accident insurance are insurance types that can be bought or not. In terms of demand, children are not the family's economic source and do not need insurance to prevent their disability or death. The impact of the insurance; from the age of insurance, the newborn must be 28 days (some insurance companies are required to be 30 days) to be insured. The newly born child has not yet qualified for insurance. Medical insurance, children's major illness insurance is the first choice, Accidents are second to none. On the basis of complete insurance, consider purchasing insurance for all. Because the probability of a child's headache and hospitalization is much higher than that of an adult, insurance for the baby should be given priority to medical insurance." Recommended: "Guardian expert hospitalization expenses (promotional version)" personal medical insurance, parents only need to pay 88 premiums per year, you can get 10,000 accidental injury protection and 20,000 medical illness insurance, to solve your baby's worries. In addition, critical illness insurance can avoid the risk of sudden increase in medical expenses due to unfortunate illness in children. With the protection of this critical illness insurance, the corresponding treatment costs can be paid at least by the insurance company, and will not over-emphasize the financial burden of the parents--for parents who have limited family reserves, it is even more difficult to bear. The tragedy of treatment costs. For example: The launch of the “Guardian Children's Specific Disease Assurance Program” is to provide a comprehensive prevention and protection plan for the risk of leukemia in the child's growth. For example, a one-time payment of 596, equivalent to only 29.8 per year, the beneficiary can get up to 200,000 leukemia insurance or the corresponding death insurance. Buy insurance, small insurance, premium expenses should not be too blind because of the joy of the parents, in principle, within the scope of their own economic ability, after the birth of the child, the various expenses in life will increase substantially, there should be psychological ready. Never repeat the purchase. Parents must first figure out what kind of protection the child already has before insuring the child's commercial insurance. What are the gaps that need to be covered by commercial insurance are not required to be in one step, according to their own economic situation and insurance demand level. Make appropriate choices, in the future life, and then supplement and improve the insurance protection according to your actual situation. Parents as insured, must read the terms carefully, pay special attention to insurance liability, liability exemption, premium delivery, surrender and other chapters. If you encounter a white place, be sure to figure out before signing the contract. Do not sign the terms without looking at the terms.