How do college graduates do well in financial planning?

For college graduates, they will soon be involved in a completely new field of experience to experience a completely different lifestyle. In this special period, it is important to make a few changes. First, the focus of life is changed from learning to work. From relying on the shelter of parents to achieving a completely independent transition in both life and the economy. There is a very important skill to learn at this stage, that is to do a good financial planning, or you will become the moonlight family like others. How do college graduates do well in financial planning?

First, the first point, because after all, just working, limited, so the only way to save money is to force savings. Even if the amount of compulsory savings per month is not very large, even if it is a hundred dollars, you can get enough money to go home for the New Year in one year.

The second is to develop the habit of bookkeeping, record your own living expenses one by one, analyze it in your spare time, and analyze your own monthly consumption, so that we can find and save money. Place, to achieve open source and reduce expenditure. Although this method is a bit boring and boring, it can really do a good job if you can stick to it.

On the basis of the above two points, after waiting for a little savings, you can consider making some fund investments, preferably long-term investments in which funds can be profitable. For example, an index fund with a large volatility can obtain a field average return in a long period of time, and the risk is relatively low.