Hu Keli Cai: Never let go of the biggest chance of gathering

On the big screen, she is the well-known "If You Are the One" in the "stock woman", she is also a stock expert in the life — — in 2008 when the A shares reached 5000 points, the whole body retreat, still is the star inside They are happy; the area she is best at is real estate investment, and even relying on a single book can judge the appreciation potential of the real estate. She believes that in June 2010, it will be a subtle turning point of the building; at the end of 2007, she resolutely invested in millions of subscriptions, "Huayi Brothers", 360,000 shares of original shares, two years later, with the success of the company's GEM, She was rich in money overnight and spent more than 10 million.

Compared with the TV host, Hu Ke feels that filming is more suitable for her personality. It’s not very extroverted. When he was the host, he had to move himself to a more exciting state before he appeared. “Sometimes it’s very tired.” The filming is in a relatively slow and regular period of time, and every day is facing the same person working. Hu Ke said that she enjoys the working environment and rhythm of the present.

Under the pure and sweet appearance, Hu Ke has a mature financial attitude and old investment skills. Perhaps Feng Xiaogang had already known the reputation of Hu Ke's stock-selling master, so he gave her the role of "Stock Woman" in "You Are the One". Just like a successful trader in the stock, Hu Ke grabbed the bright camera meeting for a few minutes, and finally achieved his popularity with Xiaobo, the phrase "look at the appearance and know that it belongs to the price that broke the issue price" 2009 buzzword.

"Getting a good job", the richest

Hu Ke signed " Huayi Brothers"; the second year, one day the company's leaders announced that they could voluntarily subscribe to the original stock, and Hu Ke did not hesitate to subscribe for 360,000 shares. The cost at the time was 3 — —11. Hu Ke, who knows the law of investment in the securities market, clearly knows that “buying original stocks is safer than speculating A shares, and even 100% making money. & rdquo;

Two years later, Hu received a huge return, as of December 2009, "Huayi Brothers" stock price has remained stable at around 55, the initial conversion of Hu Ke has a million worth. The most important opportunity to gather wealth in the capital field may only catch up once in a lifetime, and Hu Ke is lucky to seize it.

And in contrast to Hu Ke is her "sister of the same door", Zhou Xun, before the original stock of "Huayi Brothers" was zero, which missed the biggest opportunity.

Even more legendary, Hu Ke has a more "lucky" investment experience is staggering: when the A-share market was running to about 5000 points in 2008, Hu Ke and all the entrants were immersed in the great joy of wealth. in.

It happened that Hu Ke had an apartment in the apartment. The location and room layout were very satisfactory. Plus she had two dogs. It was not convenient to live with her parents, so she was going to take the apartment and Full payment. At that time, she had just enough value in her hand, so she “reluctantly” cleared the position. In less than two months, Hu Ke was still busy renovating the new house, the stock fell across the line … …

favorite to buy a house

In 2001, just after graduation, Hu Ke purchased her first suite, installment, &ldquo At the time, there was no concept of investment at all, that is, spending money to buy a home. "Rarely, it is a natural attachment to the house and home. What Hu Ke likes most when he works is to visit new buildings." In 2003, she vaguely felt the huge investment potential of the building in the future, and also generated a strong willingness to invest in real estate.

At that time, Hu Ke did not have a lot of money. The most depressing thing was that she had optimistic about a real estate, but the high price had to make her helpless. Perhaps the infinite regret she showed was too sincere. A week later, the sales lady who accompanied her to see the house gave Hu Ke a buy-in information.

Hu Ke clearly remembers that the sales office is located in an office building, providing a simple, black and white copy of the floor book, and there is no model room to visit. Although the property has not been completely completed, the location is good. It is located between the Third Ring Road and the Fourth Ring Road. The price is 9000 per square meter and requires a deposit of 30,000 yuan in advance.

Cautious Hu Ke immediately checked the relevant background information of the real estate developers, and carefully examined the general pattern of the specific room, especially the orientation of each room and even the details about Feng Shui. The more I saw it, the better I felt. After I finally consulted my parents, Hu Ke decided to buy it. Nearly seven years later, Hu Ke’s second home has now risen to more than 20,000 per square meter, and it has become one of the “successful” cases in her real estate investment.

The pattern of the right and left of the house to choose

Until today, compared to other investment areas, Hu Ke is still most willing to put money into the property. Perennial accumulated practical experience, let Hu Ke form a set of standard procedures to consider whether the house is worth investing:

The first is to read the book,If you are in front of your eyes is a "taste" book, then you can most directly judge that this property will have a different temperament performance;

Then visit the showroom, never do I care more about the luxury level here, but should pay more attention to details, such as the place where the humanized design is reflected in the room decoration;

Finally, we must pay attention to the layout of the room. Hu Ke thinks that the ratio is 4:6 or square. The first impression is “extraordinarily strange”. In particular, in order to increase the number of rooms, some developers often leave a space in a larger room on the premise that the total area remains the same, “ld” I am determined not to buy this kind of structure house.

There is also the feng shui of the house. After the master pointed out, the room that Hu Ke likes must be the south side of the water, and the door is often opened in the south.

I don't like to live in a large community.

Many stars in the entertainment industry like to pick up houses, especially those who buy big houses or villas in the suburbs.

Hu Ke is relatively maverick, and he favors the quiet and big hidden buildings. For investment properties, she strictly controls the apartment below 150 square meters. For large residential communities, Hu Ke often doesn't like it very much.

In the eyes of Hu Ke, although the house has different functions of self-occupation and investment, it is always the concept of “home”. Therefore, warmth and humanity are the necessary conditions for a house. The large communities that are noisy and even able to open several bus maps have actually left the category of “home”, just a place to go back to sleep after work. Only the property of “Home” can be appreciated.

In the face of the general soaring housing prices today, Hu Ke also stopped to buy a house, but still did not give up the habit of looking around the house. Wherever Hu Ke went, most of them were in the queue of buying houses, and the buyers had to go to the queue to get the number, and then the public lottery, the winners were eligible to pay.

In other words, if you have money, you may not be able to buy a house. Even some staff at the sales office actively propose that buyers should not line up because there is no room to sell.

Hu Ke also paid close attention to the relevant media reports on the building. Recently she was informed of a set of data: The number of new openings in the final building in 2009 is decreasing, and the number of buyers is increasing. It is simple to conclude that: 2010 housing prices will continue rise. However, Hu Ke also relied on years of investment experience and women's unique sensitivity to the house. She judged that June will be a delicate period of the price inflection point of the building. She also prepared herself to re-enter the real estate investment market after June.

Also went to blind date

In the "You Are the One" movie, Feng Xiaogang let a few typical older single female youths take turns to show off these "old women". To this day, Hu Ke seems to have become a real "wild", that is, the so-called: old, still single in the wild. She listened to this title and smiled helplessly, and did not deny it. “In fact, my request is not particularly high. First, I have to be a man. Secondly, I have to be responsible. The most crucial thing is to feel. & rdquo;

Speaking of it, Hu Ke also had a close relative, and now she said that she still laughed: "It was a dad and a colleague introduced it, but also a returnee. On the day of the meeting, the two of us had a chat without a ride. Later, I didn't want to look back. The friends and relatives all hid behind the bushes, and I broke the music. & rdquo;

Although his own blind date failed, but Hu Ke still feels that this way is reliable, "work is very busy, the contact is also narrow, this is a shortcut." & rdquo;

For the phenomenon of more and more such single older women in the society, as one of the parties, Hu Ke thinks that this represents a kind of progress in society, she laughs, "Like a human society like this Progress has made its due contribution.

But it may be a problem for individuals. I always feel that the love is in love, and the marriage is married. People tend to grow bigger and more troublesome. "At this time, Hu Ke is no longer a big star, and it is no different from the ordinary girls on the street." With such a number, the remaining men and women need to adjust. You must not be hurt because you have been hurt. The current emotional attitude. & rdquo;

Star dialogue:

"I advocate a conservative investment"

In addition to stock and real estate investment, Hu Ke also deployed some fixed-return fund products, because today's busy filming work, so that she actually traded The time is getting less and less, and the fixed-income wealth management products are more suitable for the current Hu Ke.

In Hu Ke's financial dictionary, there is no “follow the wind”, she believes that there is no best investment method and field, only the most suitable for herself, “conservative investment style” is the direction that Hu Ke always insists. She will never invest more than one-third or two-fifth of her own funds, because even if she fails, she will not be devastated.. For the real estate investment field that he is best at, Hu Ke said that he has one of the biggest regrets & mdash; he did not buy a house that year.

Q: After signing up for the company, the feeling of getting rich overnight is very cool?

Answer: It was very happy at first, but I didn’t feel it overnight. After all, it’s still on paper.

Q: "You Are the One" in the "stock female" should be your true performance?

Answer: There is no such god, the role can be remembered by everyone is mainly good lines. I actually don't have a lot of stocks, but there are a lot of friends around me who are trading stocks. They will have two eyes when they touch the stock. I will learn from some of their demeanor and temperament.

Q: Are you too modest?

Answer: I am not a professional stockholder. The previous stocks were all based on personal interests. Our family is actually mainly my father is in stock trading. When I was at 5000, I had to buy a house to cash out. My dad was quite unhappy at the time, saying that it is time to make money. I have told my dad now, thanks to your listening to me, or we will be finished now.

Q: What to do after making money? Will the next round of bigger investments be made?

Answer: In addition to buying a car, the rest of the money is given to the father and mother, do not be too greedy to do anything, it is important to stop.

Q: Is it more fun to make a movie, and make more money?

Answer: I prefer acting, when the host is too brainy.

Q: What does it feel like with Ge You?

Answer: When I heard that I want to be with Ge You, the pressure is great. It was summer, but when I was making makeup, I felt that my palms were cold. I was really nervous at first, but when you touched it, he found him to be a very friendly person.

I have been chatting with Teacher Ge, and I will enter the state of the play in a while. He has his own gas field, but his gas field can accommodate his opponents. I think this is a particularly high level.

Q: In addition to looking at the house, the biggest amateur is good?

Answer: I have a collection of many Nepalese and fashionable accessories, and I am very keen on collecting clothing tags. When I was in high school, I started collecting clothing tags. It doesn't have to be a top-notch big name. As long as it is designed to be very chic and beautiful in color, I will collect it carefully. There are now more than 500.

Q: I heard that female stars have a tendency to shopaholics? What about you?

Answer: I am determined not to be a shopaholic, although now I have the ability to satisfy my more luxurious desire for consumption, but my demand for material seems to be really not so satisfying. I will buy it, not the necessary thing. If it is expensive, I will never buy it.