"House slave" quasi-three new year financial plan

1. Basic information I am 28, newly married, bachelor degree, engaged in administrative work, stable work, currently no support, ready to have children in the second half of next year. It is estimated that the living expenses for parents will be 5000 per year.

There is no commercial insurance now, just the social and medical insurance that the company buys. There is a public housing provident fund, the current balance of the provident fund account of 7000 (with her husband). Consumption is still rational and has the habit of accounting. There was a short-term share experience at the end, but the income was basically flat. There is no investment now.

2. Financial situation

Situation: The monthly average is 1.2W, which is about 10% per year.

Expenditure: The monthly mortgage is 3200, 25 years. The rest of the family expenditure is 3000.

Savings: 6000 .

Asset allocation: 83W when the house is bought, 40W for bank commercial loans, 10W.

for relatives, 3,

for financial management. Prepare to buy a 10W car in April and May next year, and go out for a trip within one year (two People around 1W) is to pay for milk powder for the future baby, as well as future education and support for the elderly (mainly medical expenses).

Due to the purchase of houses and furniture appliances in the first half of the year, there is now only 1W of funds.

I would like to ask the teacher: We live in a medium-sized city. Will this expenditure be high? How should I manage my finances better in the future? Thank you!

This friend's situation is more typical:

Overall evaluation:

Newly-married small family, two young people are young, have stable work and high, no other burden, have their own housing and undertake loans at the same time, not much accumulation, career and family It is in the growth stage. At this time, I can look beyond the perspective of planning future life, and actively carry out financial management and asset arrangement, so as to constantly pursue a guaranteed life. The awareness of such financial planning is worthy of recognition and support.


1) Housing provident fund: The provident fund should be used as much as possible, the house can be extracted when the decoration is completed, or the loan can be repaid:

2) Insurance: Consider commercial insurance, take out a small amount of money to buy an affordable insurance, which is equal to Small family tied a safety belt;

3) Investment: It is a necessary long-term strategy to seek family wealth growth through investment. Learn relevant knowledge, choose the right investment variety according to your ability to withstand, you can try with a small amount of funds, be cautious in operation, but you can adopt a more active investment strategy at your age;

4) About your financial goals: to next year 4. In May, the funds in your hands should not be enough to buy 100,000 cars. Of course, you can use car loans. Personally, I feel that unless it is really necessary, I would rather recommend that after the baby is born, all aspects of the family will be stable and then consider this. Large amount of enjoyment consumption.

Before and after the baby is born, in addition to the necessary nutrition, medical expenses, etc., adults must stop working and meet the cost of three people (at least) by one person for a certain period of time, so plan ahead.

5) Overall planning: If conditions are met, the expenditures will be estimated and arranged according to time, that is, a financial planning plan will be formulated. Incorporate the expected major expenses and investments, and make timely changes according to the actual situation, so that you can know what you know. Of course, personal work may be difficult, at least there should be such awareness.

6) Answer your question: The monthly living expenses of two people in the middle city are not really low, but you can understand that many things in the newly-married family need to be purchased. After a certain period of time, you should get better, and check if you have any shopping or consumption. reason. From the perspective of savings, you can save 50% of your monthly savings, which is still very good. It should also be pointed out that from the perspective of financial planning, not the more money, the better, for example, the cost of training for its own education should be regarded as the best investment for the future.