Common child insurance

With a burst of crying, the baby fell to the ground and brought the gospel to a family. Parents hope to do their best to protect their children, give them the greatest happiness, and the premise of happiness is physical health, child insurance is the guarantee of your child's health, let's look at several common types of child insurance. Insurance.

Accidental injury insurance

Children's accidental injury insurance, also known as child accident insurance, is the condition of death, disability, medical expenses or temporary loss of labor capacity due to accidental injury. Insurance.

Children's comprehensive insurance

There are also comprehensive insurance for children. The basic protection of such insurance includes accidental death, disability, major illness, accidental hospitalization, etc. It is a combination of accident insurance and health insurance. , cost-effective.

Children's Education Insurance

Children's Education Insurance for Children, also known as Children's Education Insurance, provides insurance for children and children at different stages of education. It is an insurance with a compulsory savings function. Once you have purchased such insurance for your child, you must deposit the agreed amount each year to ensure that the savings plan can be completed.

In summary, accidental injury insurance, children's comprehensive insurance, and children's education insurance are the most common types of child insurance insurance for children's insurance. Parents can selectively purchase as needed.