What are the accidental injuries of children's accidental in

According to statistics, accidental injuries have become the number one enemy of children. Every year, 0%-40% of children suffer from accidental injuries and disabilities. Therefore, many parents began to purchase children's accidental injury insurance for their baby. So, what are the scope of accidental injuries for children's accidental injuries?

Accidental injury insurance is based on the disability and death caused by an accident during the insurance period, and the insurer pays the personal insurance according to the contract. In general, the accidental injury of personal accident insurance mainly includes the following:


Accidents: refers to accidents that the insured did not anticipate and unintentional, such as a plane crash, etc. Foresight or avoidance, but due to irresistible or performance of duties can not be avoided, it should also be included in the scope of "accidents", such as the ship was forced to jump into the sea to escape the fire, and the courage to fight with the gangsters and wounded.


Sudden: refers to the accident caused in an instant, there is no longer process, such as falling water, electric shock, falling and so on. Occupational diseases are gradually formed due to injury, and they are predictable and preventable, so they are not accidents.


caused by external factors: refers to accidents caused by the external body of the insured, such as car accidents, attacks by gangsters, drowning, food poisoning, etc.


Physical injury: accidental injury must be the body part of the insured, and the fact of injury is established (eg, if the electric shock does not hurt the body, the fact of injury is not true).

Finally, accident insurance has a type of accidental injury that is non-disease, because the damage caused by the disease, although not what I expected in advance, but it is the result of the human body itself, so it is not an accident.

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