What kind of early childhood education insurance can I buy a

Protection target: 13 children, parents want to buy education insurance for him, in order to prepare for the university, I do not know how to buy.

Expert analysis

The child has arrived at 13, and has not yet bought an insurance product for education. At this time, it is not necessary to be limited to child and education insurance, because some insurance types can be purchased for 16 or more. In this type of insurance, time should be selected. Short-divided dividend-paying products can also replace education grants to a certain extent. It is of little significance to simply purchase education insurance.

Of course, you can also consider the universal life insurance with very flexible payment and withdrawal. This insurance is not only guaranteed, but also highly investment. Adults and children can benefit. At the same time, this age of accident insurance, medical insurance is also indispensable.

Many parents want to buy child insurance for their children to increase their protection; because children's insurance is cheaper than adult insurance, some parents always want to buy more insurance for their children. Remind that the purchase of children's insurance is not as good as possible, because in order to prevent moral hazard, the minimum limit for the death insurance of minors is specified, generally between 50,000 and 100,000, so the death insurance for children's insurance is 10 About 10,000 or so.

Parents should pay attention to the following points when purchasing children's insurance: First, it is best to equip children's education insurance. The advantage is that children's education gold insurance generally has a premium exemption clause, that is, during the payment period, if the parents lose their ability to pay premiums due to accidents or serious illness, the insurance contract is still valid, and the cost of the child's schooling can still be guaranteed.

Second, there is no need to prepare life insurance for children. Life insurance can only be paid for insurance after the child has died. Therefore, it is obviously too early for parents to consider lifelong protection for their children when they are young. In addition, insurance products are constantly being updated, and it may be better for them to buy insurance themselves when they grow up.

Third, you can insure your child with a serious illness. With the increasing medical expenses such as hospitalization and surgery, once a child is seriously ill, it will be unbearable for an ordinary family. Therefore, in the case of economic conditions, parents are best to buy a child with a serious illness insurance, in addition to accidental medical care.