Baby's education insurance product introduction

Nowadays, people are not only concerned about adult insurance. Many parents have begun to look at the

baby's education insurance . It is a lot of parents' hope for the children to win at the starting line. Then we will introduce a hot item to everyone. The products sold are “Baby Children Comprehensive Medical Insurance”. Baby is a comprehensive value-added student accident protection product, which can be guaranteed regardless of accidental illness and injury, as well as a comprehensive comprehensive hospitalization and serious illness care. Cost-effective, parents buy hearts!

Product Accidental Health Comprehensive Coverage Medical Critical Care

Protection Content Accidental Death: 50,000 During the insurance period, if the insured died of an accident, the insurance company will pay the death benefit according to the insurance amount. The insured’s insurance liability is terminated. Death of the disease: 50,000 During the insurance period, if the insured suffers from the illness, the insurance company pays the death benefit according to the insured amount, and the insurance liability of the insured is terminated. Accidental Disability: 50,000 during the insurance period, if the insured is involved in an accident, and within 180 days from the date of the accident, the accident is caused by the accident and the disability listed in the “Standard for Disability Assessment” In one case, the insurance company evaluates the disability item according to the evaluation principle stipulated by the standard, and multiplies the payment amount according to the standard of the evaluation result by the insurance amount to pay the accidental disability insurance. Accidental medical care for students: 10,000. If the insured person suffers from an accident and is treated in the hospital during the insurance period, the insurance company will meet the local social basics within 180 days from the date of the accident. The reasonable medical expenses prescribed by medical insurance shall be paid 90% of the accidental medical insurance premium after deducting other means of compensation (if any) and 50 deductibles. (Deductible 50 According to 90% of the student's child care for hospitalization: 80,000, during the insurance period, if the insured suffers the accidental injury accident as stipulated in the contract or if the hospital is diagnosed and must be hospitalized after 30 days of waiting period, the insurance company For reasonable medical expenses, after deducting the deductible of 300, the hospitalized medical insurance premium will be paid according to the agreed payment ratio. (There is no participation in children's medical insurance, the medical expenses exceed 60%, and 60% are paid; the child's medical insurance has been participated, and 300 times are deducted. After deductible, 100% will be paid, and the maximum amount will be limited to 80,000. (The accumulated payment is limited to 80,000.) Major illness for children: 10,000. If the insured is 30 days after the waiting period during the insurance period (If the renewal is not subject to this restriction) If the initial diagnosis of a major illness is confirmed, the insurance company will pay the insurance premium according to the insurance amount stated in the policy, and the insurance liability will be terminated. (Waiting period 30 days)

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