Talking about how to buy severe illness insurance for women

The famous young singer Yao Beina died of breast cancer and died at 16:55 on January 16, 2015 at the University Hospital, only 33 years old.

Women, especially the current professional women, after being a wife and a mother, the first thing that comes to mind is the child, and the second is the husband, but he has forgotten himself. For the sake of the cause, the woman is under unprecedented pressure. For the family, the woman selflessly gives her everything, but once she loses her health, the woman will lose everything.

According to relevant statistics, the incidence of breast cancer in gynecological tumors is as high as 58%. Every year, 1.2 million women in the world suffer from breast cancer, and 500,000 of them die of breast cancer. The cost of breast cancer treatment is generally more than 100,000, which is a large economic output for the average family.

Which insurance can protect breast cancer

In fact, breast cancer insurance is also a member of major illness insurance, so it is similar to the classification of major illness insurance.

Major illness insurance is not a medical expense reimbursement insurance, but a wealth compensation insurance. If the insured person first suffers from a major illness as stipulated in the insurance policy during the insurance period, the insurance company will guarantee the insurance premium once in accordance with the contract. These products are not insurance products for reimbursement of medical expenses. They are completely based on the occurrence of diseases, and they do not have to wait for the end of medical treatment and the receipt of documents to compensate for the payment. This will provide adequate medical expenses for the treatment of the disease, and will also be able to recover in the future. Treatment provides a financial basis and can also compensate for the damage caused by the disease to some extent.

How to buy major illness insurance for women

Major illness insurance products are widely known as a kind of medical insurance. When choosing a product, it mainly chooses several aspects such as insurance company, insurance type, insurance liability, additional specific protection type and insurance amount.

1. Select an insurance company with sufficient solvency, good reputation, and operation, because major illness insurance is a longer-term insurance contract.

2. From the type of consumption: can be divided into consumer insurance and return insurance, for women with better economic base, you can choose to buy return breast cancer insurance, so that after the expiration of the guarantee period, The premium is refunded; for women with less protection, they can choose to use consumer breast cancer insurance, so that they can get the maximum amount of protection at the least cost.

3. Major diseases: There are more than 20 kinds of major diseases on the field, there are more than 30 kinds, and there are more than 50 kinds. Choose the one that suits you, guarantee meticulous and comprehensive insurance products, and always protect your healthy home.

4. Additional types of protection: In recent years, in addition to the traditional disease protection, for the development of severe illness, some have introduced a variety of additional protection options such as cancer protection, female disease protection, and early severe illness protection.

5, in addition to provide extra treatment for mild diseases: because some complications are not serious diseases, some companies directly refused, some diabetes and its complications, mild brain stroke in situ cancer, severe head trauma, aortic intervention Surgical coronary intervention (non-thoracotomy), etc., is an additional guarantee for the provision of mild disease. The security fund can reach 20% of the basic insurance amount of the additional insurance, and timely provide financial assistance.

6. Healthy pensions change as needed: annuity conversion, freedom of control, one investment, let you be healthy, pension two

7. Insurance amount: How much insurance money is purchased as a major disease product? Because of the huge loss of wealth caused by major diseases, marginal losses and hidden losses are also great. In addition to the huge medical expenses, the loss during treatment is even worse.

Critical illness product rates are also closely related to major disease risks, so the older the age, the higher the rate, and the sub-health risks associated with increasing age can also affect purchases, such as not being able to buy higher insured amount or due to health Declining, need to carry out non-standard body fee increase, it is not worthwhile, and such products need to be planned as early as possible.