How to buy children's life insurance for children's life ins

Children's Life Insurance, which are more suitable for children? How to insure better? The term life insurance mentioned here is not a specific type of life insurance, such as term life insurance and life insurance, which we often say. Life insurance is the subject of insurance for the life of the insured, and the life insurance is based on the life or death of the insured. Therefore, children's insurance that can provide personal protection for children can be counted as child life insurance. So, what kinds of children's life insurance, how to buy it?

What types of child life insurance are there?

can provide life insurance for children, mainly in the following categories:

1. Child accident insurance: provide accidental injury and accident medical protection for children;

2. Child medical insurance: provide hospitalization and sickness protection for children, can reimburse medical expenses Or pay medical stickers;

3. Children's critical illness insurance: provide insurance for major illness insurance for children, and is also a kind of child insurance that insurance experts recommend focusing on insurance for children;

4. Child education insurance: annuity insurance for children's education ;

5. Child financial insurance: mainly have dividend insurance, universal insurance, investment insurance, etc., can have certain security, but also can obtain certain benefits.

In general, there are mainly several types of child life insurance.

How to buy children's life insurance?

Insurance network experts suggest that insurance for children should be based on accident insurance, medical insurance and critical illness insurance. After the basic security is improved, consider purchasing education insurance.

Buy children's accident insurance, pay attention to the protection content, some children often have high incidence of accidents, such as poisoning, falling, burns, etc.; in addition, there is a limit on the death insurance, do not over-insure, and it is best to attach accidents Injury medical insurance.

purchase children's medical insurance, pay attention to the choice of short waiting period, low deductible, unlimited number of claims, it is best to be reimbursed in outpatient and inpatient.

Buy children's critical illness insurance, pay attention to which major diseases can be protected, check whether it includes some serious diseases that are common to children, and pay attention to the insurance company's brand, service, and ability to pay.

purchase of children's education reimbursement, pay attention to the choice of products with premium exemption clauses, once the insured person has the risk of illness or accidental death and high disability, the insurance company will exempt the insured from the insurance premiums that should be paid in the future, and the policy should be The inconvenience of the rights and benefits can still provide children with the cost of future education.