Medical insurance + accident + serious illness, comprehensiv

Young parents always want to give their babies the most comprehensive protection, so that children grow up happy and healthy. As a result, buying an insurance for your child has become a way for these parents to express to their children. But do parents really understand the current risk protection status of children? The answer is no.

With the development of medical insurance, in most urban areas in recent years, children have been included in the scope of medical insurance, making up for the vacancies of children's medical insurance, so that children have a basic guarantee for disease and accidental medical care.

Excellent insurance network product experts suggest that for children who have already attended school, parents should understand two insurances: school liability insurance and school insurance. Among them, school liability insurance is relatively unfamiliar to most parents. This is a public welfare insurance. It is not necessary to charge students separately. The school is the insured. The insurance company compensates for the accidents and property losses caused by the school’s negligence.

Learning to be flat is familiar to everyone. Every year, we pay a premium of 30~60 to the teacher, but most parents are not sure what protection this premium brings to the child, even in danger. I forgot to help with insurance. Student insurance is student insurance. It is a commercial insurance. Parents can choose to insure their children, mainly to protect against accidental injury/death, accidental medical treatment and hospitalization. It is a very useful insurance for young children and school students who are at a good age and are prone to bump accidents.

So far, it seems that the children's protection is relatively complete, there is no need to add child insurance. In fact, it is not normal to classify the risks faced by children into three categories: health, accidents, and education.

The first two risks, medical insurance, school liability insurance and academic insurance are all involved, but the amount is not high and the scope is narrow. The medical insurance coverage is around 80,000, and there is a higher deductible for reimbursement, and it is reimbursed according to the amount of consumption and hospital level.

School Liability Insurance only guarantees that during the period of school or during the activities organized by the school, the school shall be responsible for personal injury and property losses caused by the school due to non-subjective negligence. Xueping Insurance is the most comprehensive of the three, but due to the low amount, the protection is not enough. The eligible families can add commercial health/accident insurance to supplement the child's specific situation.

Excellent insurance network product experts said that education gold insurance is a concern of parents in recent years, in the form of insurance to raise education costs for children, in addition to providing personal protection, to the insurance company, as a mandatory Savings can protect your child’s future expenses. Compared with the traditional savings model, it has the following advantages:

special funds, equivalent to depositing a time deposit in the insurance company, and the cost of surrendering in the middle is higher, parents will not arbitrarily withdraw the expenses for other purposes, to ensure the child Educational expenses that can be withdrawn in the future.

There are premium exemption clauses to prevent parents from taking risks in the middle, unable to bear the premium, and interrupt insurance to ensure that the child's right to education is not lost accidentally. These products are still covered by insurance, and you can choose to attach additional illnesses, accidents or hospitalizations as needed.