Buying a big illness for a 2-year-old child

Customer Information: Children, 2, Minors, Monthly Average 0, Insurance Type: [Major Disease Insurance, Children's Insurance, Commercial Medical Insurance], Customer Information: Wang Jie, 28, owner, monthly average 3000-4000. Insured for his two sons, the types of insurance: health insurance, education fund, investment dividend insurance.

Wang Jie is my neighbor. She bought social security and some commercial insurance. She paid more than 6,000 annual premiums, including investment dividends, serious illnesses, and medical treatment. I have a habit of this person, I don't like to find the reason.

Because insurance makes people who don't know insurance feel very depressed, they will think that we will stalk, and certainly do not rule out that there are such people in our industry. And I feel that they are doing well. So I never went to talk to her about this, or when I went to her store to buy a calculator that day, she volunteered to buy an insurance for her child.

Guarantee content: First of all, according to her request, prepare a health insurance for her child, according to her situation and her own insurance situation, her son is designed to have a serious illness of around 100,000 (because the pressure of the customer is not too great) If her child feels that the protection is not enough in the future, she can increase the protection when she has the ability. The hospitalization insurance is 10,000.

The second is education and dividend insurance. In fact, these two contents can overlap. When her child is eighteen years old, that is, when she is going to college, getting married or starting a business, she needs a sum of money. Preparing now can alleviate the pressure in the future.

Product portfolio: 100,000 critical illness insurance. Medical insurance 10000. Accident insurance 100000. Education dividends are 100,000. Analysis: Children are still relatively small, 100,000 critical illness insurance and 10,000 medical insurance is enough. Premiums do not constitute a burden on the family, and the monthly premium is more than 300.

Also pays attention to education dividends when it comes to security. After the child grows up, he can raise himself. After telling her the content of the guarantee, she also met her request and the policy was signed.