How should children's insurance investment be good?

For a child born shortly, all aspects are still in their infancy. Should the corresponding parents be as prepared for his insurance plan? Is investment insurance good?

Protection target: Children 2, parents want to buy some insurance for him, want to be biased towards investment.

Expert Analysis

Before purchasing commercial insurance for your child, it is recommended that you first improve your child's health insurance and then consider commercial insurance. The success of purchasing commercial insurance should be: accident insurance, accident medical insurance, major illness insurance, hospitalization insurance, and education gold reserves.

"First and then far, first and then slow" principle. Risks or diseases that are more likely to occur in children's childhood should be insured first, and there is no need to be full when insuring child insurance.

First, pay attention to the education. The order of purchasing child insurance should be: child accident insurance, child hospitalization insurance, child major illness insurance and child education insurance, and cannot be reversed.

First protect the child and protect the child. In terms of family insurance, parents often give priority to insurance for their children, ignoring their own protection plans. This is the most serious misunderstanding. Adults are the economic backbone of the family and the best "protective umbrella" for children. If the child is only given child insurance, the parents themselves do not have a guarantee, so in the event of a parent's accident, the whole family is likely to be in trouble.

The three non-principles of buying children's insurance

The term of child insurance should not be too long. The child insurance coverage should be concentrated before the child is underage, so that when the child grows up, he or she can choose the appropriate insurance as their own protection.

Do not exceed the limit. Child insurance with death compensation, such as term life insurance, accident insurance, etc., the accumulated insurance coverage should not exceed 100,000, and the excess will be considered invalid. The 100,000 insured limit is a mandatory requirement for preventing moral hazard. Therefore, before you can insure your child's child insurance, you need to figure out what protection your child already has.

Don't forget to buy an exemption. During the contract period, if the insured has an accident or loses the ability to pay, the unpaid premium can be waived and the insurance coverage of the insured is still valid. This means that if the parents are unable to continue to pay the premium for some reason, the child insurance with the exemption clause will continue to be effective for the child.

Guarantee savings is the first choice

At present, there are many kinds of child insurance on the field, but basically can be divided into three categories: child insurance, savings child insurance and investment child insurance. The protection of child insurance is mainly divided into two types of accidental injury and health care. It is the most basic and economical child insurance. It is a kind of insurance product with relatively low cost and relatively high cost performance.

Savings child insurance is to raise the cost of education for children in the form of insurance purchase. After purchasing insurance, it is necessary to pay the insurance company on time as a kind of mandatory savings. Investing in child insurance is an emerging type of insurance that combines protection, savings and investment. It can solve the problem of children's education, study, and pension.

When purchasing insurance for children, you should first purchase child insurance that combines the protection function and the savings function. If the economic conditions permit, you can consider purchasing insurance with investment function for your child.