Introduction to gold foreign exchange investment

Gold foreign exchange is a combination of gold and foreign exchange, because gold and foreign exchange are often the most relevant in financial investment markets, so people are used to juxtaposing gold and foreign exchange. Today, Xiaobian will take stock of the entry points for gold foreign exchange investment.

Introduction to gold foreign exchange investment: Gold is the real thing to buy a lot of gold, waiting for appreciation, if there is a fall, there will be no profit, and it takes up a lot of money. With the improvement of people's economic ability and financial knowledge, the one-way profitable stock market can no longer meet the financial needs of investors, and more and more people turn to the gold forex market with more operational space and investment value.

The basic knowledge of gold forex is the opening position. Opening is also called exposure, which is the act of buying gold. Gold Forex Basics Choosing the right gold price level and timing to establish a position is a prerequisite for profitability. If the timing is good, the chance of profit is great: on the contrary, if the timing is not right, it is easy to lose money.

The basic knowledge of gold foreign exchange Kamakura is a flat stop loss measure taken to prevent excessive losses when the gold price falls after the position is established.

Gold forex basics, for example, sold gold at a price of 157. Later, the price of gold fell to 150, and the nominal loss has reached 7 points. In order to prevent the gold price from continuing to decline and cause greater losses, it sold gold at the price level of 150 and ended the exposure with a loss of 7. Sometimes traders don't make a claim, but insist on waiting, and hope that the price of gold will return, so that when the price of gold falls, it will suffer huge losses.

The timing of profit is more difficult to master. After the position is established, when the price of gold has moved in the direction of its own advantage. Gold foreign exchange basics can be profitable. For example, when buying gold at 145, when the price of gold rises to 150, there are already 5 profits, so the gold is sold and profits are earned. It is very important to grasp the timing of profit. The flat is too early and the profit is not good. The flat is too late, which may delay the timing. The price of gold has reversed and it is not profitable.