How do foreign exchange focus on long-term trends?

How about the long-term trend of speculation in foreign exchange? By focusing on longer-term trends, you can avoid distractions from the noise generated on the field every day, and be able to maintain a balanced view of prices and trends.

In the downward trend of the general trend, almost every small technical rebound, especially the rebound of up to one week or more will be regarded as a new upward trend. In fact, this is just a small rebound in the overall downtrend. In fact, this is a great opportunity to sell rather than buy!

Take a long-term view and use the weekly or monthly line. Reducing reliance on very short-term technical research can help speculators avoid buying high and selling low. The strength of the short-term exposure is likely to be a technical rebound in the main trend of continued short-selling.

In the long-term bearish trend, when the rebound is close to 50% of the previous period, it is a good opportunity to short.

Investors who have made a long-term trend:

(1) Consistent and consistent with each other;

(2) Weekly and monthly chart;

(3) Seasonal research;

(4) Focus on long-term good technical systems and Trading straregy.

When investigating, be patient, be disciplined, and keep your eyes open.

Endurance effort. Wait until almost a hundred percent of the chances of success before investing, checking your assumptions over and over again, regardless of past or current graphics.

Incoherent Law:

(1). Establish a protective stop loss order for all positions at all times.

(2). The number of contracts accumulated for each account is rated at an upper limit, and should not exceed this number under any circumstances.