Is the universal insurance for children?

Many children buy insurance for their parents when they fall into the ground. Children's universal insurance is one of the many children's insurance products, mainly refers to life insurance products that include insurance protection functions and have a certain asset value in at least one investment account. So how can a child's all-energy insurance? What characteristics does it have?

Children's versatile is first and foremost a flexible product. That is to say, you can set your own for ten or twenty years. There is no time to collect the time. Customers can decide when to pick it according to their needs.

There will be a 2% bonus from the fourth year of payment and a minimum guaranteed interest rate. It can solve the problem of children's education, and it is a double payment. When it is old, it will accumulate a sum of money to solve the problem of old-age care. An insurance product can solve your needs and that is a good product.

Children's universal insurance mainly has the following characteristics:

1. It is possible to establish a medical insurance system for children. Children's universal insurance protection and benefits are one. In order to alleviate the pressure on the economy, parents can protect their children's health insurance by insuring their children's universal insurance.

2. Realize risk transfer. The child is sponsored for a child's universal insurance shortly after birth, and this policy becomes the greatest gift when the child is an adult. Parents can't care for their children for a lifetime, but they can use their children's universal insurance to communicate their own and help them through the difficulties that may arise in the future.

3. Prepare your child's education. The health of the child is tied to the heart of the parents. The education of the child is naturally also the concern of the parents. As education costs become more expensive, many families are struggling to cope. It is precisely because of the necessity and long-term nature of education expenditure that it is necessary to establish an education fund in the family.