Questions about the reimbursement of children's medical insu

On this issue, I simply said a few words as an agent of an insurance company.

Children who apply for group insurance at school, as well as group insurance for us in the unit and community. One of the characteristics of group insurance is low coverage and high coverage, and of course the rate is also cheap. This is a feature of group insurance.

Regarding which drugs are reimbursed, this is stipulated, not arbitrary. Whether it is commercial insurance or social security is the same, we do not doubt this, but the rules between companies are not the same. This depends on the contract at the time of insurance.

There is also a time problem. Call the insurance company immediately after the hospitalization. The insurance company will have an agent to serve you. You will be given a claim guide with the questions you need to pay attention to during the hospitalization and what information is needed for the claim. . Make a call after leaving the hospital and wait at home.

The agent will help you with all the formalities, and you will get an answer from the insurance company in about a week. One is to give money, and there will be detailed claims, that is, how the money is calculated, which reimbursement, reimbursement ratio, and so on. The other is not to lose, will clearly state the reasons for refusal.

Group insurance In general, the service is not very good, because the salesman does not have much service fees. why.

Because of the insurance, key people will participate in the profit distribution. In addition to the agent's task, there is even a situation where the agent does not earn a penny. In this case, if the customer is in danger, the agent's service attitude and enthusiasm are naturally not high. This is true for group insurance, as is personal life insurance.

There is also the insurance to see the company first, the company's system is not changed with the quality of the salesman. The second is to look at the product itself, insurance is a variety of goods. Again, look at the agent, the agent's character quality and professional quality directly determine the applicability of the purchase insurance. The same product purchased in the same company will have different claims speeds in the same situation, because the agent's professionalism determines a lot.